MHP T-Bomb

  • Supported By Clinical Research
  • Increases Free Bioactive Testosterone By 32 Percent
  • Elevates The Testosterone To Estrogen Ratio
  • Reduces Conversion To Dht

MHP recently put together a team of Ph.D.s and hormone specialists to embark on a research initiative to develop an even more effective testosterone formula. However, the researchers concluded that they could not formulate a better blend of ingredients. T-BOMB IIs formula was so advanced and so far ahead of its time, the researchers concluded there was really only one solution – make it stronger! This has led to the creation of T-BOMB 3xtreme, a clinically supported formula with 20 percent greater potency of key active ingredients. MHP was so confident of this new formulation that we decided to put it to the test in a much more rigorous clinical trial setting than testosterone supplements are typically subjected to.and the results were nothing short of mind blowing! In collaboration with scientists at the University of Tampa, we gave T-BOMB 3xtreme to elite athletes (Division II athletes) training upwards of 10 times weekly for six weeks, including competitive games, practices and weight lifting. The conditions were so harsh that the athletes taking a placebo actually decreased testosterone and free testosterone, and lost lean body mass. Now for the exciting part: Athletes who took T-BOMB 3xtreme experienced elevated testosterone and free testosterone, plus an improved testosterone-to-estrogen ratio. The study results demonstrated several critical findings: Not only did T-BOMB 3xtreme significantly increase free testosterone in research subjects by 32 percent, but it also was able to turn a catabolic situation into an anabolic one! Thanks to its new formulation, the premier testosterone boosting formula just got 20 percent stronger! Now you can enjoy the performance enhancing benefits of optimal hormone levels with clinically supported T-BOMB 3xtreme.




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