SKULL LABS EXECUTIONER WHEY, with sweeteners, blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate for preparing high protein shake. Product is design for athletes and physically active people with a higher demand for proteins. protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass.


23g Protein per servings

5.4g BCAA per servings

4.3g L-Glutamine per servings

2.5g L-Leaucine per servings


Protein blend ( whey protein concentrate (from milk), whey protein isolate (from milk),cocoa, instant coffee, anti caking agent, thickner, flavourings, red beet juice concentrate, concentrate, acidity regulator (citric acid), sweetener, salt.


mix 1 scoop of serving with 200-250 ml of water or skimmed milk. use before or immediately after workout.


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