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  • Increase in muscle pumps during training.
  • Increase in nutrient delivery during training.
  • Promoting lactic acid clear out.

Nothing but pure Agmatine Sulfate from the Insane Labz Asylum Cabinet.

Are you searching for a great non-stimulant addition to your pre-workout to increase muscle pumps and blood flow? If so, Agmatine Sulfate may be for you.

This single ingredient powder is a powerhouse when it comes to promoting muscle pumps. Agmatine Sulfate works by promoting nitric oxide within the bloodstream, promoting skin splitting pumps, increasing nutrient delivery, and ultimately fueling your recovery.

This ingredient is one of the most common additions to any pre-made pre-workout pump formula, but having some additional to add into your existing pre is a recipe for a great workout. Especially if you are making up your own pre-workouts from raw ingredients.

Each scoop of this product contains 1g of Agmatine Sulfate, and an ideal dosage before training ranges from 1-2g, so adding 1 heaped serving into your pre-workout mix should suffice.


Take 1 serving 15 minutes before training, either by itself with water, or mixed in with a pre made pre workout supplement.




30 Servings


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